Open method of working

During 2014-2018 Open Skåne is enabling a process which is open and which can be manifested in various ways. Diverse voices can come to the fore through personal meetings, conversation and dialogues, think tanks and conferences, cultural and religious festivals, artistic expressions and debates.

The open working method means that the activities will be an inviting source for exchange of experience, transfer of knowledge and to build networks, and will be available for everybody who wants to get more involved in issues of social cohesion in Skåne. Alongside the programme activities such as talks and meetings, social media will also be important forums for Open Skåne’s open method of working.

Academic guarantors

The entire programme phase with regard to planning, implementation, evaluation and documentation has been compiled together with researchers and other individuals linked to Lund University and Malmö University.

LUND UNIVERSITY and MALMÖ UNIVERSITY are contributing in areas including academic expertise within research and education, academic legitimacy, analysis methodology and both national and international networks.

Working method where Open Skåne offers exchange of experience, transfer of knowledge and educational courses.

– Interviews and focus groups with informal and formal leaders, key individuals who operate within areas involving the job market, civil society, health, culture, media, authorities, trade and industry, politics, religion, education and science.

– Think tanks, which are conducted in conjunction with participants with different tasks and roles in society. This is in order to obtain a range of perspectives and opportunities to develop new and old networks.

– Methods of leading discussions and putting together discussion groups which utilise experiences and a multiplicity of perspectives.

– Open meetings, conferences and festivals focusing on cross-border collaborations and innovative projects.