”Societies that successfully make the most of their diversity are more creative than those that do not succeed in doing so. Religious and cultural diversity is a societal resource that must be utilised. This is the point of departure for the Church of Sweden’s involvement in Open Skåne.”

The Church of Sweden’s Archbishop Antje Jackelén and one of the founders of the Initiative for social cohesion in Skåne

Open Skåne is financed via the Initiative for social cohesion in Skåne. Funding bodies and collaborative partners up to today are as follows;

Lund Missionary Society
Lund University
Malmö University
Malmö Muslim Network
Malmö City Council
Network of Jewish Communities in Skåne
Region Skåne
Sodalitium Majus Lundense
The Church of Sweden (nationally)
The Church of Sweden in Lund Diocese
The Church of Sweden in Malmö
The Chamber of Commerce and Industry in South Sweden
The Thora Ohlsson Foundation